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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 23, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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done with unsettled weather. several periods of unsettled weather are headed our way. as we look west we will see what is left of one of the pacific storms where some of the snow totals have been around 90 inches and rain totals have been around 1 foot or so as well. it is now in the midwest piercing rain and snow, but that -- but not those numbers. it is headed this way with a chance for some rain. that will involve some of the weekend. i will detail when, coming up. >> for big story is east baltimore community continues to mourn the loss of four lives taken in a fire wednesday night. more information is coming from the fire department at that the conditions at the smoke detectors. john sherman has more. ♪
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>> songs, prayer and candles, four lives taken here and everyone struggling to explain why. one of this woman's daughter is was held up in the crowd so she could see her support system. >> does she see all of her family? the same way all showed love to us, show love to hurt. >> a 14-rolled girl was also killed in the fire and several teachers -- 814-year-old girl was killed. several teachers came here. >> i am sorry, she was my student. >> this is very sad. it has been an emotional for the staff and students of a friendship academy, where she had a family. we loved her and we are so
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proud of who she is. >> she was a student -- she was one of the most hardest working students i have had in a long time. i observed her progress over the past year, and she has made such progress. >> we know there were two working smoke detectors in the home, but what is lost is lost. all the community has now is memories. >> she and her family will be missed. even though she is gone she will not be forgotten. >> it work crews are investigating a fire in west baltimore that happened around 5:30 p.m. friday evening. firefighters had trouble getting quarter because of a broken fire hydrant. everyone inside was able to make it out safely.
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-- had trouble getting water. >> haiti's government says the search and rescue effort for survivors is now over. officials are taking more steps towards the recovery. lowell melser merz spoke with baltimore doctors helping in port-au-prince. -- he spoke with baltimore doctors. >> we are on some random street but several miles from the palace where we were yesterday. there is this hospital right here. although it would be good if it was still constructed. what you are about to see inside is ingenuity and a lot of hope. the ride to the hospital through the streets of port-au-prince is
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dreadful. everywhere you look there is rubble and trash and thousands of people without a home. inside the grounds of the hospital, just when you think it cannot get worse, a christian relief services describes what happened here. >> [unintelligible] it is said about 60 people could still be under the rubble there. >> it is now functioning outside. 99% of the patient's need surgery, most of which is happening in operating rooms like this one where this girl is getting her leg fixed. >> i am still waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up. >> this doctor said he cannot believe what he is seeing around his country and how many people need help.
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>> we used to think that [unintelligible] that was two months ago. it can and it did. >> this nurse practitioner also from university of maryland. >> i am not sure how we will recover. because we have a lot of amputations and people without homes. this is a hospital bed and we want to discharge people and don't have anywhere to send them. >> most of these patients will not get help. but as we were leaving doctors asked us to help get one of their patients who literally had hours to live aboard. we asked naval officers and will able to get in there. tonight he is in serious condition.
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doctors feel he definitely would have died. we have been told two more doctors from the university of maryland are on their way here to help assess some of the damage and come up with a monetary figure to rebuild a hospital. >> a group of six hopkins residents are back from a trip to haiti. the group was already planning to attend a course of tropical medicine in port-au-prince, but the earthquake hit before they are supposed to be. they're hoping this trip will inspire people to help. money is needed to fund crutches and prosthetic limbs. >> the hardest thing for me was the waiting and hopelessness that you feel, because you are limited in what you can do. >> when member of the group is still in haiti.
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we have continuing coverage on our web site at >> there is a verdict in the case of a baltimore family who sued the city police. back in 2007 a 7-year-old boy was arrested and handcuffed. police found him sitting on a motorbike in front of his home. the family later sued police and accused them of false imprisonment. a hard county jury rejected the suit and attorneys for the family will appeal. a local doctor is facing a lawsuit this morning. one patient says the doctor put him through major surgery unnecessarily. he is suing the doctor at the center of the controversy. >> the lawsuit is a density st. joesph's medical center and this
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cardiologists. >> this was a tremendous breach of trust. it is the ultimate violation of a physician. >> the attorney represents the victim. the complaint filed claims that the doctor placed two stunts in the artery. one was necessary and one was not. it accuses the hospital of negligent hiring and negligent supervision. >> in the best case scenario we had a clear case of medical malpractice. in the worst-case scenario, we had a corporate cover-up the anti-fraud and punitive damages will be sought. -- cover up and fraud. >> a patient's complaint led to a federal investigation and review of his work. other cardiologists found hundreds of papers where procedures were performed but
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they were not medically sessoms necessary. >> the only thing that carries a patient through is the belief that your physician has the best intentions in mind. it is a tremendous violation of the patient's trust. >> a medical center says it was guided by the belief it has an ethical responsibility to inform patients of what happened. this is consistent with our mission and the right thing to do. questions about liability remain to be a result. they take their responsibility very seriously, which is why we conducted a review and notify patients. our focus will continue to be put patients first. >> 32 degrees on tv hill, and dr. kim will join us to answer your pet questions. >> a club is collecting
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donations for the haitian earthquake relief effort. >> we will give you all the attractions at next week's polar bear plunge. stay with us.
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>> this morning temperatures have been hovering around the freezing mark. plenty of sunshine, but things will change by the end of the weekend. out to the west there is a storm. it is one of the pacific storms. this storm is pretty anemic as far as moisture. they are getting some snow in the dakotas, but the rest is all grain and regis into west texas -- the rest is all rain and reaches into west texas. it does not look all that threatening. as it moves east and approaches mounds it will start picking up
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moisture. -- and approaches the mountains. by the end of the weekend we will be feeling the effects of this and more. here is our view of the city. you can see clear skies and sunshine. 34 at the airport. instruments at the inner harbor are not operating, but 59% humidity. the barometer is rising and we had a priest at 9 miles an hour. temperatures -- we have a breeze at 9 miles per hour. 35 at hagerstown. new york was down to nine degrees this morning. petersburg is 41. hot springs is 28. you can see the range of temperatures around the area. the rain and sleet from yesterday's over the atlantic ocean with clear skies overhead. a big area of high pressure over
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us. essentially this hyde moves east. we will start -- eventually this high moves east. the storm moves in during the day tomorrow. temperatures should be warm enough that it will produce rain. mostly sunny skies today and seasonably cold. eastland's at 5 miles per hour. boaters can expect a little breeze. dry conditions and high clouds coming and later in the day. heavier clouds on sunday with rain chances by midday. potentially some heavy rain in late sunday into early monday. and by midday monday the storm pulls out. temperatures start to fall in the afternoon and there will be some snow in the mountains. this seven day forecast is 43 today in the 47 tomorrow.
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-- and 47 tomorrow. the morning high will be 52 and a low of 35 will be towards midnight. maybe some snow flurries on tuesday and windy conditions. look at the temperatures thursday and friday, setting as up for some cold air. the storm will likely be a snow- maker. >> we have to keep an eye on the weather for next saturday. there are some new things for the polar bear plunge. >> dwayne johnson takes on a kid-friendly role. max is here with movie reviews. he can pull it off. and dr. kim is here with pet questions.
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>> if you are plunging in the polar bear plunged this may be the time to pray for a warmer weekend. how about some of the new attractions? we have a look at those. >> great to be here. the staff at special olympics have created another great event. even if you are not plunging there is a lot to do. we hope people bring their families. >> some changes before we get to who is plunging. you have new food options this
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year. >> the green turtle is providing all the food and you get a great sweatshirt. we have kept the same minimum donation all these years. >> that is some of the food you will have? >> there you go. there are all kinds of other zero vendors. all types of food you can imagine. >> you can also have some special music? >> when ban is back. there is -- one band is back. great fun in that area. we even have a guy coming to carve polar bears out of logs with a chainsaw. >> i cannot wait for that attraction. you can maybe have a toast after your plunge. >> you could at the base lodge.
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>> you guys are really raising money for special olympics. you have done better every year, -- >> we can not think the people of maryland announced. everyone from gov. o'malley to focus -- we cannot thank the people of maryland announced. everyone from the governor o'malley to folks. >> tel as 2 is coming out there. we know our own -- telling us who is coming out there. we know jennifer franciotti is there. >> lowell melser server will be there coming back from haiti. we understand it tim putin will be on the beach friday -- tim
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tootin will be there. wbal tv is incredible. a whole list of folks from 98 rupp. check our web site. >> any other stars? -- a list of folks from 98 rock. >> joe flacco, in maryland figure skater will be there. lots of celebrities will be there to talk to folks. >> you will be plunging this year? >> i will be plunging. >> every hour? no, but i am plunging. >> it is next weekend and starts on friday. the festival is saturday but friday is when you get started with the super bowl plunge.
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>> the big event is on saturday. take the shuttle there is no general parking. check the web site for that. we have double the amount of shuttle buses, but no general parking. >> don't go away, dr. ken hammond derides as to answer your pet questions. kim hammond. when i really need to get to sleep,
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i trust unisom. i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning.
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>> will come back. joining us to answer your pet questions is dr. kim hammond. our special guest is blackjack. >> it is a rescue great hand -- a rescue the greyhound. these dogs are raised and they are a commodity, so when they're racing days are over the trainers have to do something with them. in the past they were put to sleep. now there are a lot of these fabulous greyhound rescue groups. >> his back is solid as a rock. >> he can run like the wind. >> this is not an apartment dog.
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>> you don't want to say here comes the bunny. you don't want to have a rabbit near this dog. >> this comes up occasionally, do you recommend having a dogs anal glands removed? >> i had a personal story. this morning when i got out of bed i and babysitting my sister- in-law's dog. it expressed its anal glands on my carpet and i wanted to kill it. he can have them removed. there are tiny little things around the butt. if dogs have to get them done frequently it is easy to do. it is nasty. >> i know this subject comes up quite a while. it is always at breakfast time. the second question, 19-year old
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dog has glaucoma and i have been using prescribed eyedrops. the option is to have surgery but it is kind of expensive. not sure what to do since i read the i will get the same disease at some point. -- the eye will get the same disease. >> i would definitely go see a local ophthalmologists and get a good opinion. the surgery is expensive if you will do that, but you may have no alternative. >> the dog's age and general health, all those other issues. >> the medicine is good to continue, then i would say yes. there are a lot of factors involved. >> thanks a lot for joining us.
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rabbit, over there. >> on a track he would. >> we will have more in just a minute.
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>> welcome back to 11 noon
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saturday morning. >> john is here with another look outside. >> a nice morning this morning. a nice day today, and it we don't go downhill but we slide do a little bit tomorrow. we cannot have it all. it is winter time. let's take a look outside. we have a fair skies and lots of sunshine. if you look at our doppler radar, to the west of the mississippi river there is a combination of snow and sleet. their range extends all the way down into texas. this is what is left of one of those pacific storms we have heard so much with. snow up to 90 inches and rainfall over 1 foot. it does not look at threatening
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now. as soon as it moves east it will start pulling moisture off over the gulf of mexico and indeed the atlantic. -- and to the atlantic. we will talk about the change in a minute. >> in this morning's education alert, baltimore is making plans to close many schools. the official list of schools is still under wraps, but our education reporter believes the district is wasting little time moving ahead. >> in the last two years and moment has increased. >> but baltimore will close more schools. the ceo broke the news to the governor at a public works meeting. he says there is a reason why some schools will go. >> we looked at our lowest- performing schools.
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>> this is not the first time the city has been forced to cut the cord on schools. this complex in west baltimore shut down last summer and is still vacant. since 2001, they have closed 35 schools and programs. now it will add more schools to the west. administers say what they are doing is much more than boarding up buildings. >> i see it as programs that are her renewed or that immerge that are more successful with kids and programs that have been in existence. >> they are drawing public school students to private school campuses. >> kids are coming back to the public schools. we want to make sure we are competitive in terms of our options. >> school officials say they will consider. input before making a final decision.
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-- they will consider parent input. >> a final decision will be reached in march. president obama will be in baltimore next week. he will address the house republican members retreat. it will be the president's first trip to the city since his inaugural train stopped last year. mayland's first lady will be our guest tomorrow morning. if you have a question now is the time to send in. send it to us at ♪ >> charge time for some other birds to take the field. >> baseball season sort of. the orioles fans are getting ready to kick off today as well
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as a way for fans to help the haitian relief effort. good morning. >> how are you guys? >> we are terrific. what is different this year? >> this year we moved back to the convention center. it was popular here several years ago, so we will kick off a daylong celebration of baseball. we can start thinking about summer today. >> who will fancy when they come out? >> we will have -- who will the fans see it? >> we will have many old and new orioles players. we had a little league park and things for fans of all ages. >> what is the price to get in? >> we have a line already. it is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. we start at 11:00 a.m. and go
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until 6:00 p.m. >> tell us about your efforts today to help with the folks in haiti. >> obviously the need is very great at this point. a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the patient relief effort and the proceeds from our memorabilia sale and silent auction. >> individual ticket prices also start today, do they not? for the 2010 season go on sale in 20 minutes, right? >> that is correct. at 10:00 a.m. our individual game tickets go on sale, said you can pick up your tickets. you can go online and get your tickets that way. >> if you don't get some of this tickets early you will knock -- you will pay more for them later on.
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>> we do encourage fans to buy tickets in advance. this is the perfect opportunity to do so. that gives you another opportunity to get started and plan your summer now. >> orioles fans will be out there tonight. thank you so much. our this weekend's new movie is worth the price of admission. max is here with a rebuke. >> it was a medicine used for aids patients but now it is approved for cosmetic use.
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>> sunshine now but as we look
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west we can see there is a storm out in the midwest. it is fairly anemic now, but it will pick up more and more sure as it gets closer to the mountains just west to us. this is weather that will be coming our way. today it will stay to the west of us and we managed to hang on to the sunshine we have now. let's look outside to see that. there is our sky cam view. 34 at the airport and downtown the instruments are not transmitting any information. we're not sure what the temperature is. the barometer is rising and humidity is down. typically this time of year 41 would be behind, but we are not that cold this morning. the record high for this bid is
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73, we will not be that war. the record snow for this day is 1935 at 11.5 inches. we are in great shape for tonight. 33 at rock hall. yesterday's storm is well out to sea. a few scattered clouds to the coastline, but sunshine over us. high thin clouds in the ohio river valley, they will start drifting in here later tonight. we have this ridge of high pressure sitting over head. that will give us nice dry conditions, but all the moisture associated with this, and it is not all lot right now, it will pick up moisture as it moves to the east. by tomorrow afternoon we will
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be into a different situation than today, which is mostly sunny. 45 degrees for the high temperature today. we start picking up some of thin clients later this afternoon. if he watched the time line, maybe a few showers developing and showers late to market by midday monday this form is out. once the storm is leaving in the afternoon temperatures will fall off dramatically. we will also see a change in temperature is. the 7 day forecast, 4310 and 47 tomorrow. by late afternoon -- 43 today and 47 tomorrow. it will be cold enough for a few flurries on tuesday.
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glenn say only 41 and partly cloudy. in the 30 -- wednesday only 41. there is a chance of some snow later in the week. ♪ >> maybe you have heard of [unintelligible] while it was first used on aids patients, it has been approved for cosmetic use because it women lose fat and volume in their faces as they get older. >> this woman is 53-years old and had her first treatment eight months ago after seeing some pictures. >> i looked at pictures and i was really mara through here, so i felt like it wasn't proportion. -- i was really in fernarrow.
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>> this was designed for larger areas. this woman is a physician's assistant at the reconstructive surgery center. >> a lot of other fillers have been used to correct lines, whereas this is more of a long- term maintenance to rebuild collagen. >> she is back for a second treatment. it is a series of small injections. >> we will just get this little bit of hallowing. >> in just a few minutes it is finished. she will need to massage the area several times a day. >> you could get bruising and swelling. >> she loves the results. >> it is nice to fill in over a year. >> she will be able to see the end results in about a month. >> meg fox joins us with more in
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operation. how does this really compare to the others like botox? >> it is a little more expensive than other fillers and is a series of three injections. it is a longer-lasting effect, so other fillers are just filling a defect. this is filling in collagen. collagen is what you lose, so you are fixing the problem. >> is this the first filler that actually builds collagen? >> a lot of them report they have some college in-building of fact, but this builds large areas of collagen. >> particularly with the golden globes we just saw, we see a lot of aging actresses who are not aging gracefully because they are over filling, so how do you
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know when is too much? >> that is a hard question. in hollywood, maybe there is not a good time. most patients want to look refreshed. some want to look natural. they are not sure what natural is any more. you want to look like yourself maybe a few years younger, but not change what you look like. >> this particular -- is it more natural-looking? it is hard to achieve a natural look when you are of a certain age. it is a fine line here, no pun intended. >> you really cannot overfill with it because you are rebuilding your own collagen, so you are not putting something in their artificial. >> we appreciate you coming here
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to talk about this. thanks so much. if you have any questions, you can call the number on the screen. thinking about a movie? max will be here with reviews. a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> time to take a look at what is new in our theaters. max is here with her reviews.
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let's get right to it " extraordinary measures." this is a new studio, said they are promoting it. you can tell from the commercial that it is bad. harrison ford plays a brilliant researcher and has this line in the movie, "i already work around the clock." i kind of knew it was not going to be good. i at least thought i was going to be crying, because this is a movie about a father played by brendan fraser who has these two children dying of a rare genetic disorder. and you have a brilliant researcher and this drug and are racing to get the drug on the market. i figured i would cry.
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this bill is sell -- this film is still ill-conceived, how could you not cry about a movie about dying children? it is poorly-cast and the script is a week. 1.5 stars, because we have to go someplace down for the next movie. the tooth fairy, the rockets in this. i like him with kids. -- the rock with kids. it is a kids felt that really -- 8 kids film that is not funny. you don't see that level of humor that adults can enjoy. the jokes are so bad. it is like watching a comedian
9:51 am
bomb on tv. you can see the whole joke is the rock with wings and tights. if you think that is funny, maybe you will like it. one star 40 "tooth fairy." it is oscar season and people need to see "crazy heart." jeff bridges may be winning the oscar for that. you watch him on the road and he is so great in this role. it is like an old pair of jeans. he does his own singing and it is really good. go see "crazy heart." >> isn't this "tewksbury" a remake? -- "tooth fairy."
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>> there is a reason why they never made that movie before. >> you have never had one star. you can read all of her reduce.
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>> ray lewis had one of his best seasons of late. he will start at middle linebacker. he played at me and any -- he played at miami this year. he can get his money to other places like the league office. he was fined $5,000 for this hit
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last saturday night. he initiated helmet to helmet contact against a defenseless receiver. he made a great football player. you want to see that as part of his game. ray lewis [unintelligible] a little basketball last night. dwayne in washington. without gilbert arenas on the court, no star power to match him. knocking down three of his 31. the wizards will link up big. -- the wizards rolling up big. down 15 in the first half. antwaan jamison said it well that they got punched in the mouth and just took it.
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i will see you back here tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> what do we have? >> we will be up and down with the weather. we are up today. sunshine and temperatures ok. get out and enjoy it. 43 is a high. 47 tomorrow but we will pick up rain. it could be heavy. monday morning the reign will end and temperatures falling. -- the rain will end. by the end of the week we will only be in the 30's. a storm comes in with colder air and snow chances go up. >> it is downhill from tuesday. thank you for watching. we will see you back here tonight at 6:00 p.m. have a great day.
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>> as the transition of leadership takes place in baltimore, the issues of past and present are already under way. the commissioner has fired the chief and make difficult decisions. the incoming mayor will be testing an eye on pension funding, a hot button issue.
9:58 am
a new era of politics and policy will be ushered in affecting the city's relationship with annapolis. stephanie rawlings blake knows the perils of public service. her family's legacy looms over city hall. we believe her stay as council president and the support of federal leaders will provide her with tools necessary to continue to move our city forward.
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